Download your certificate

Important: this is only a demo certificate. It is not signed by a real CA and should not be used for securing your content.

Your demo certificate has been issued. You can download it in the following formats: Once you installed your certificate, you can test it here.

Installation instructions for Firefox 3.5

  1. Download the certificate in PKCS12 format
  2. In the menu, open Extras > Settings...
  3. In the top settings bar, choose Erweitert (the icon with the wheel)
  4. Select the Encryption tab
  5. Click on the Show certificates button
  6. In the certificate manager window, open the Your certificates tab and click on the Import... button
  7. Open the downloaded certificate in PKCS12 format (see above)
  8. Certificate password is: test
  9. Close all dialogs
  10. Go to the test page to test your certificate. When asked, select the certificate in the popup dialog.

CA root certificate

Note: you only need this if you want to install your own web server that accepts certificates signed by our CA (this is NOT for production use!).
To install our root CA certificate, download the certificate here, then add it to the SSLCACertificateFile of your apache installation.